WF-605 RD3

USB+AUX interface for RD3


USB+AUX interface for RD3


  • USB interface / audio adapter (WF-605 RD3) for factory Peugeot/Citroen car radios with an 8-pin CD changer connection. This interface makes it possible to play FLAC USB stick music.
  • The interface / audio adapter also features an AUX IN audio connection, so that all external audio sources (MP3 players, iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP and mobile phones) can be connected via a 3.5 mm jack input.
  • This interface acts like a CD changer and is recognized as such by your car radio. This preserves the full functionality of your car. The interface / adapter is operated simply via the buttons on your steering wheel or via those on your car radio.

Product Features:
Plug & Play   

Support for USB music:
  • Supported profiles: FLAC, MP3, WMA..and multi profiles.
  • Record by pressing ">>" button (fast forward) on the radio or steering wheel button and hang up by pressing "<<" button (rewind) on the radio or corresponding steering wheel button.
  • Control is via your original car radio or steering wheel buttons (AVRCP). Fast forward via ">>" button on the radio / steering wheel; Rewind via "<<" button on the radio / steering wheel.
Support for USB sticks up to 32GB (recommended up to 8GB).
Control is via your original car radio or steering wheel buttons: Track Up / Down, Play / Pause, Fast Forward / Fast Reverse.
Built-in high-quality Hi-Fi decoder with perfect support for the following audio files: MP2, MP3 (up to 320Kbit/s bitrate), WMA, FLAC (8, 16, 24 bit), ACC / MP4 / M4A, WAV, AIF, AIFC
Connection of external sound sources possible via AUX IN using the supplied AUX cable   Memory for the last playback position, which resumes playback when the radio is turned on and off
Fast charger for mobile devices via the USB port (2A)rn LED status indicatorrn Shock and interference resistant.
No loss of quality or interference (as with FM transmitters) thanks to the direct linkrn Easy installation, without damage to the original car parts.